Uploading Data to CivicData.com

CivicData.com is an immensely powerful data platform that can be used by Accela customers and others free of charge to make data available to developers and others.

For our customers, we offer special utilities that can automate the publishing of data from Accela Automation to the CivicData.com platform, making it quick and easy to share data with those that need it. But for other users, or for Accela customers that want to share data from other systems, it’s still quick and easy to publish data to the CivicData.com platform.

The following video demonstrates how to upload data in CSV format to CivicData.com.

For this example, I used data from the City of Philadelphia that is currently made available through an ESRI ArcGIS Rest API. If you’re interested, the script I wrote to convert the data from this API to CSV format is here.

But getting data into CSV format is as easy as using the “Save as” feature in Microsoft Excel. Once you have data in this format, adding it to CivicData.com is easy.

This example demonstrates how easy it is to use this powerful resource for sharing data.

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