Linking Your CKAN Instance to

One of the most powerful aspects of the platform is that it is built on top of CKAN – the premiere open source platform for data. enabled users to build powerful apps and visualization with open data, and Accela has developed mechanisms for extracting data from Accela Automation and publishing it to This makes it quick and easy to share open data with users through a world-class platform that has well documented and well understood APIs.

But sometimes one of our customers will need to run their own standalone instance of CKAN. We want our customers to be able to take advantage of the tools we’ve built to publish open data from Accela Automation and also have the flexibility and utility of running their own CKAN instance if that’s what their open data program requires.

There are a number of ways to synch data between CKAN instances, and most are outside the scope of this post. But here is one way to link data in to a standalone CKAN instance that is quick and easy.

Customers that want to run their own instances of CKAN are encourage to experiment with different ways of synching data. Anyone that has questions or needs assistance can contact the Developer Evangelism team.

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