Building Mobile Data Collection Apps with Fulcrum & Accela

Building high quality, easily deployable mobile data collection apps can sometimes be hard – to do it properly may require a non-trivial investment of time and resources.

Governments often find themselves in need of tools to help them collect data. Examples range from restaurant and food service inspections, code and zoning enforcement surveys, infrastructure inventories, disaster response – the list goes on. Often one of the challenges facing governments is how to develop a data collection app and to deploy it to a mobile workforce. When such an effort requires custom app development it can mean that governments need to expend resources that might better spent on other things.

This is what makes a service like Fulcrum so exciting. Fulcrum allows you to quickly and easily develop custom tailored mobile data collection apps that can be easily deployed to your mobile workforce. Best of all, it’s easy to integrate data collected through a Fulcrum mobile app into your Accela Automation instance.

The following screen cast shows how easy it is to create a new Fulcrum app and store the data that is collect in Accela Automation.

You can find all of the code for this demo application here. To reiterate a few points made in the screencast above:

  • You get to choose the technology that gets used. There is no need to use the specific technologies demonstrated in this example – any modern web technology can be used to integrate with the Accela Construct API. Pick your poison – we’ve got you covered.
  • The Accela Construct API provides unmatched flexibility – since the Construct API is a RESTful service, you can use any mobile technology to collect data or support an interaction with a citizen. We support everything from sophisticated, fully-featured iPad apps to text messaging. It’s all good.
  • Leveraging the Construct API means that all of the data collected by a mobile app is stored and managed in your Accela system. You maintain full control.

So if your department or agency needs to collect data using a mobile app, check out Fulcrum and contact the Developer Evangelism team to discuss integrating data into your Accela Automation instance.

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