From Open Data to Useful Analytics in 5 Minutes with CivicData

In a recent post (Getting Started with the CivicData API) Mark showed us how CivicData, built on the open source  CKAN platform, provides powerful and easy to use SQL APIs to interact with data.

In this example I’ll use the CivicData SQL API to request and aggregate data from an open dataset, Atlanta Permit Activity March 2014, and display it in a simple pie chart using a single client side html file without any need for any server side processing.

In this example I used jQuery to handle the GET request from CivicData using the CKAN API.  You will notice that I was able to initiate a request and receive the results right in the browser.  To render the JSON response nicely I installed a Chrome extension called JSON Formatter.

I am using Google Charts to display the pie chart.  Google Charts has a very nice library of interactive and customizable charts that are easy to implement and use.

You can find the source code from this example here (feel free to fork it and play around with other datasets on CivicData) and see the live example from the screencast here.

Stay tuned for more posts on the many powerful features of the CivicData platform and be sure to follow us at @AccelaDev.

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