Under the Hood: the Accela Construct API

Accela is revolutionizing how civic technology drives changes to the way that governments and citizens interact.

Starting a revolution

Accela enables civic developers and other technology partners to build on top of and interact with the systems that our government customers use to conduct a variety of core functions – permitting, licensing, land management, etc. Civic developers can leverage the Construct API and a suite of related tools to build services and applications that will revolutionize how citizens interact with their government.

This post will provide a high level overview of how the Accela Civic Cloud Platform works, and will be followed by more detailed posts introducing developers to other key concepts for building the next great civic app.

The Civic Cloud

The Civic Cloud Platform enables applications to easily interact with any Accela Automation customer leaving, the complex connectivity work for the platform to handle.  In this screencast I provide a high level overview of how this is accomplished.

Find out more

For additional details about the about the Accela Civic Cloud Platform please visit the Accela Developer Portal. And stay tuned for more posts on the Civic Cloud Platform in the weeks ahead.

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