Visualizing Boston at HubHacks 2

The City of Boston is running a visualization contest, encouraging people to use open data to “highlight trends, opportunities, and decision points, and providing deeper insight for the City and better transparency to citizens.”


Called HubHacks 2, the event is a follow up to a similar event last fall focused on creating new apps to support the city’s permitting process. I had an opportunity to participate in the previous HubHacks event, and Accela is a sponsor of HubHacks 2.

The kickoff event this weekend in Boston at District Hall was packed with local civic hackers and innovators, and the City of Boston used the event to unveil a few dozen new open data sets.



While I used the event to hack together one view of Winter in Boston using 311 data, I also had a chance to speak with officials from the city (who were ubiquitously present at the event in red shirts, and enormously helpful to all of the participants) about a new open data standard for permit data that Accela is working on with other technology partners.

This event is just one indication of what the City of Boston is doing to leverage the talents of its local technology community to help create new solutions and new visualizations to give people a deeper understanding of how their city works and engage with city officials. It’s worth noting that as part of its strategy, the city is making open data and civic hacking a centerpiece.

We at Accela are very proud to support the City of Boston’s innovation agenda. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the great ideas that participants come up with, and we’re excited for the winners to be announced on April 4th.

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