Open Data at Accela Engage

Now that the 2014 edition of the Accela Engage conference is over, we wanted to circle back and share some of the presentations we used at the conference.

One of the areas we spent a lot of time talking about was open data. Accela runs the open data portal and makes it available to Accela customers and others that want to share and use open data.

The following three presentations were given on Monday August 4th, providing an overview of open data and how it is being used across the country, a deeper technical dive into platform itself and a discussion of how to build civic applications with open data.

The State of the State of Open Data (Mark Headd)

Introduction to (Seth Axthelm)

Building Civic Apps with Open Data (Seth Axthelm & Mark Headd)

As more material from the Engage conference becomes available, we’ll be sharing it here and on the Accela Blog. Anyone with questions on the presentations listed above or open data in general can contact the Developer Evangelism team.

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