New CivicData Visualizations

As we continue to add to the new features being introduced in, we’ll showcase them here to give developers a peek at the value being added to our open data platform. We recently introduced some new visualization features that make it easy to analyze open data in new and powerful ways.

As an example, we’ll look at some data we recently developed in partnership with SpotCrime – a company that provides crime mapping solutions for cities across the country. If we look at crime data for 2014 in Charlotte, NC we can see a great example of how a simple visualization can turn complex data into something easily understandable and useful.

By selecting the graph option in the data preview and selecting a pie chart, we can group by crime type and get an instant view of the relative frequency of different crime types in Charlotte.


This is one of many new additions and enhancements that we have planned for We’re excited to keep building up this valuable resource that can showcase the power of open data.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff soon!

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