New Client Libraries & SDKs

We’re continuing work on a host of different tools and components that will make using the Accela Construct API simple and easier than ever.

Over the last week or two, we’ve started to roll out some new client libraries for interacting with the Construct API. These libraries are still in the early stages, and much work remains to do to build them out sufficiently for a production release, but the beta versions of libraries in the following languages are now available on our GitHub account:

These new releases complement our existing iOS, Android and Windows 8 SDKs and get us closer to our ultimate vision of making it super easy to use the Construct API with any language or development platform.

We have a few additional client libraries in the works, but if there is a particular language or platform that you would like to see us focus on, drop us a note.

All of the client libraries we push to our GitHub account are open source, so please feel free to suggest enhancements through new issues or by sending a pull request.

Happy coding!

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