Welcome to the Accela Developer Blog

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Accela Developer blog and Twitter account.

Kris Trujillo, whom many Accela customers know, has been leading a number of initiatives in recent years for Accela (the mobile SDK and CivicData.com to name a few). Driving innovation and developer support for the last few years, Kris has assisted many customers and partners developing amazing products and solutions that integrate with Accela Automation.

As Accela’s Chief Architect and VP of Engineering Kris has seen the Accela Developer community grow exponentially and as a result saw the need to put together a new group – the Developer Evangelists. Our responsibility is to cultivate, support and ensure the success of the Accela developer community.

Who are the Accela Developer Evangelists?

Mark Headd, the former Chief Data Officer for the City of Philadelphia joins us as one of the first Developer Evangelists at Accela.  Mark previously held a similar role at Voxeo Labs and was the Director of Government Relations at Code for America.

I am also extremely excited to join the evangelist team (Seth Axthelm). Since 2005, I have been working with numerous customers implementing Accela Automation across the country.  Most recently I worked as Director of Solution Architecture within our Professional Services division.

What to expect!

We look forward to publishing many useful posts, stay tuned for discussions on a number of cool topics including:

Also keep an eye on our new Accela Developer Twitter feed for news and other useful tips.

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